Singing On A Prayer

You know that dream when you plan your wedding and you wish you can have someone really cool singing in it? Well, that came true in an unnamed couple’s wedding in South Florida last weekend.

As it happens, one of the guests of the wedding was Jon Bon Jovi. BON JOVI. Now apparently, he said before the wedding he wouldn’t want to sing and he’s attending it as a regular guest. But wedding singer Lourdes Valentin didn’t let that discourage her – and started singing his 1986 mega hit Living On A Prayer. At the videos taken on the event (as you can guess, loads of guests drew their phones and started filming as soon as this remarkable moment happened), Bon Jovi looks reluctant in the beginning, to the verge of the moment being awkward, but then he shows what a real sport he is – and joins her in singing. Wow.

The couple whose wedding it was is still unknown, but you can catch a glimpse of them at the video. What can we say – we’re jealous.

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