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We are proud to offer you the best Locksmith services at Locksmith Miami Beach fl. When it comes to the fastest and most reliable locksmith services, Professional Locksmith Miami Beach is your best choice. Our company offers only top quality products and we are equipped to handle your locksmith needs any time of the day, any day of the year.

Our trained professionals at Locksmith Miami Beach are more than capable of handling your locksmith and security problems, no matter how simple or complicated. We are well-equipped with the latest tools and knowledge and are professionally trained to handle all of your locksmith needs.

At Locksmith Miami Beach we provide services such as lock installation & re-keying; emergency services for home, car or office; panic door; deadbolt and peephole installation and other locksmith services. Call Locksmith Miami Beach now (305) 417-7737, and one of our professional locksmiths will get to you quickly.

Commercial Locksmith

commercial locksmith miami beach
  • Fast Lockout Service
  • Master Key System
  • Panic Bars
  • Door Closers
  • High security locks
  • Access Control
  • Lock Change & Re-Key

Car locksmith

car locksmith miami beach
  • Fast Lockout Service
  • Car key replacement
  • Ignition Replaced

Residential Locksmith

residential locksmith in miami beach
  • Fast Lockout Service
  • Change Locks
  • Lock Installation
  • Rekey
  • Security Locks
  • Mailbox locks
  • Fix/Cut locks
  • Safes

Locksmith finds a treasure in Miami beach
Real story by Miami Beach Locksmith

We looked at it and couldn’t believe our eyes - a chest full of ancient jewelry, all made of gold. A real treasure, and it was hidden right in the heart of Miami Beach.

As a professional Locksmith, I have heard on many cases where clients stumble upon treasures in their home. Sometimes you hear these stories on the news, such as the family in California who found a chest of money (valued $10M!) buried in their backyard. Modern day treasure hunting doesn’t require maps and pirates, but simple digging up a garden or lifting up a carpet.

So how did our Miami Beach Locksmith found the old gold jewelry treasure? Recently we received a call from a family in Miami Beach. They had a flood in their bed room and needed to redo their carepts in the house.

While they were pulling up the carpets one day, they found a hole in the floor. Inside the hole was a locked box, or a treasure chest if you would like to call it so. They were so excited to find something so old. They were naturally curious about what was inside, and tried to get it open. Unsuccessful, they called our locksmith Miami Beach line.

When I arrived at their home I was able to break open the lock on the box. Inside was a lot of older gold jewelry. The jewelry looked to have been there a long time. The family members stared at the jewelry collection disbelievingly. This was a true treasure. There was probably a fascinating story behind it, but one we will never know.

Stories like these are actually common. In the Great Depression and for a long while after, many people didn’t trust banks. They saved their money and kept it hidden somewhere in the house. This way they were able to keep their valuables and assets safe without relying on anyone to hold onto them. They would be able to access their money whenever they wanted. And, over time, these treasures became forgotten.

Q&A by Locksmith Miami Beach:

What security issues should I consider when moving to a house?

Moving into a home can be exciting, especially if it is your first home. But you are wise to consider security when you move in. Check all of the door and window locks carefully to ensure they are secure. Replace any window locks that can be worked from the outside. You should also replace any deadbolts or door locks that are older models and can easily be broken. To prevent entry by anyone with keys from the previous owner, you should either change the locks or have them rekeyed. Finally, call our locksmith Miami Beach office and talk with an expert on youu needs

What’s the difference between changing the locks and rekeying?

There are many times when you might want to increase the security of your home, or restrict access from those who may possess keys. Your two options are changing the locks or having the locks rekeyed. Rekeying locks means that the locksmith uses the same lock but changes the mechanism slightly so that a new key is required. Rekeying locks is a good option if you have high quality locks on your home. If you have cheaper locks you should simply replace them. Another situation in which you might want to rekey locks is when you have house guests. You can give keys to your guests then have the locks rekeyed when they leave. For further information, call our Locksmith Miami Beach office

Why is it important to use a licensed locksmith?

It can be tempting to use the locksmith with the cheapest quote given for the work you need done. But there are some good reasons to use a licensed locksmith. First, a licensed locksmith will be familiar with high quality locks and certified in certain brands. Second, a licensed locksmith is more trustworthy and reliable. An unlicensed locksmith might be shady, make copies of your keys or otherwise compromise the security of your home. In addition, an unlicensed locksmith may have so little knowledge that they make your locks worse instead of better, or damage property while trying to gain entry. Locksmith Miami Beach license number is #00443LK

Need Commercial Locksmiths:

At Locksmith Miami Beach we provide locksmith services to all commercial issues. We also offer re-keying services for all types of locks, panic bars, installation of master keys hardwires and many more locksmith services.

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5 Reasons You Should Change Your Locks By Locksmith Miami Beach

When your house has been burglarized or someone that lived with you has moved out and not returned their key, you will usually think to change your locks. However, there are many other situations in which you should change your locks. Most people do not consider these situations that could lead to a breach in the security of your home. Take the advice of a professional locksmith and change your locks in these circumstances.

1) Moving Into an Older Home

Unless the home you are moving into is brand new, you should change the locks. You likely know next to nothing about the previous owners. They might still have keys, and could get into the home whenever they liked. Change the locks before or right after you move in to keep yourself and your belongings secure. If you are renting a home or apartment make sure that your landlord will allow you to change the locks before doing so. If not, ask them to do it for you. We have seen a lot of weird cases here in Locksmith Miami Beach, don’t be the next one

2) Losing Keys

Many people assume that they have lost their keys in a random place. They don’t think that anyone who found their keys could possibly know where they live, and therefore there is no security threat. They simply have another key made and go about their daily lives. However, often these people wind up having their home broken into. The fact of the matter is that you don’t know where you lost your keys. In fact, you don’t know that your keys weren’t stolen. There is no way to know who ended up with them. The best way to protect yourself, family and home is to change the locks immediately after realizing that you have lost your keys outside your home.

3) Someone Moves Out

Many people assume that if their old roommate, ex-boyfriend or estranged spouse give their key to them when moving out that they are secure. However, you don’t know that they didn’t make a key before they gave one over to you. Instead of taking their word for it that you have the only keys they have, you should change the locks. This will keep them from having access to your home. This is especially important in situations where the parting is not mutual or on good terms.

4) Upgrading Your Security

If you have done some renovations to your home and it looks much newer and nicer, or if you have recently gained additional income and purchased more expensive belongings, you should upgrade the locks on your home. It is one thing to have a cheap lock when you have little to lose, but it is quite another to have a cheap lock when you have a lot of expensive electronics in your front room where everyone can see them when you open the door. Talk to your locksmith about the most secure locks for your home.

5) Things Come Up Missing

Don’t assume that missing valuables have been taken by someone in the house, misplaced or lost. Do not assume that if someone took the valuables that they have done so while visiting your home. If you start missing expensive items such as jewelry out of your home it is entirely possible that someone has a key. Some thieves get a key to your home and rob you a little bit at a time so that you donrsquo;t notice right away. Change your locks immediately to stop such a person.

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Locksmith Miami Beach Prices:

Service Price
Re-keying Starting at $19
House Lockout Service Starting at $29
Apartment Lockout Service Starting at $29
Car Lockout Service Starting at $29
Changing Locks Starting at $45
Car Key Making Starting at $90
Ignition Change Starting at $120
Transponder Key Programming Starting at $65
Automotive Key Extraction Starting at $75
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