Crazy Video: Shark Chasing A Man

Every now and then we like to plan the weekend coming. One of the advantages of living in Florida is the wide selection of nature activities and water activities we can choose from. Fishing, for example, is a favorite, as it includes being at the outdoors, enjoying the view and the weather, having relaxed time combined with excitements, and then coming back home with dinner. Or what will be dinner after a short grilling. Perfect.

What can go wrong? Well, imagine all the above, and then a shark shows up and try to take a bite off your loot. Or your leg. Whichever came first. This is what happened to a Florida fisherman, standing in the water while spearfishing. In this video uploaded to YouTube, you can hear his friend yelling ‘it’s coming’, and then starts the run, including a stressful few seconds when his foot gets caught in the strings while trying to get away. Crazy.

What can we say, we’re reconsidering our weekend plan…. From our locksmiths offices in MiamiMiami BeachMiami GardensPlantationFort LauderdaleDavie and plenty more around the region, we’re hoping you’re having a great week.


This post doesn’t reflect any of Miami Beach locksmiths views, and is just for entertainment value.