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Happy Halloween

Hello! We just had to post today, as it’s one of our favorite holidays – Halloween! Wishing everyone a scary but safe day. And don’t forget to properly lock your door when you go trick or treating!

We had to share some of our local Jack-o’lanterns seen around our neighborhood. There are some talented people out there.

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From all of us at Locksmith Miami Beach – happy Halloween!

Hang In There Floridian Friends!

The strongest storm since 2004, hurricane Matthew, is supposed to hit Florida in the next few hours, with winds of 125mph. We just wanted to wish everyone a safe stay, in case you’re not being evacuated from the coastal areas.

The hurricane has already devastated parts of Haiti and hit the Bahamas. Florida’s governor has warned that the damage could be “catastrophic”.

The hurricane is supposed to hit southern Florida today as a Category Four storm. We urge you to get into shelters and to not take unnecessary risks. Stay safe everyone!

Florida Couple Matches Outfits For 20 Years

Is this the sweetest thing you’ve seen today or what: an elderly Florida couple has been matching their outfits for more than 20 years. Their grandson twitted their photos – and they went viral. And for a good reason: they are a model for long lasting love.

The couple, Fran and Ed Gargiula, live in The Villages in Florida. Their funny habit started off for a reason – they were attending dance classes and it’s customary for the dancing couples to match their outfits. But Mrs. and Mr. Gargiula did not stop there – they started matching their outfits on their day to day life.


And the sweetest thing is – Ed says it’s not about the clothes, they’re matching deep down too. We’re loving this couple.

This post doesn’t reflect any of Kendall locksmiths views, and is just for entertainment value.

Man Uses Own Wanted Poster As Profile Picture – And Gets Arrested

You would think wanted people would do their best to hide rather then connect to people, but turns out not all people would agree. Florida police has arrested a man after he changed his Facebook profile picture to a wanted poster where he’s wanted for felony warrant for violation of probation.


When the man, Mack Yearwood, posted the photo his friends commented, some in shock, some thinking it was funny. “Holy sh**”, wrote one, and another asked: “this isn’t real, is it?”. Others though, wrote “nice mug shot!”, to which Mr. Yearwood replied: “thanks buddy!”.

So when the police was looking for Mr. Yearwood all they had to do is to look him up on FB, get some info from his page – and go arrest him, and so they did.

“If you are wanted by the police, it’s probably not a good idea to use the ‘Wanted of the Week’ poster of yourself as your profile pic” wrote the Stuart, Florida police on the FB Page. We couldn’t agree more.

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Parts Of Florida Under Hurricane Watch

It’s going to be a stormy Labor Day: tropical storm Hermine is on its way from the Gulf Of Mexico, and it could approach hurricane strength as it nears Florida.

This is the warning issued by National Hurricane Center (press on the image for link):


The storm is expected to hit north-west Florida, but other areas are looking at a rainy forecast as well during the weekend. So much for that BBQ we were planning on the Labor Day weekend at our Miami Gardens home.

The National Hurricane Center has warned the tropical storm could approach hurricane strength as the storm nears Florida Thursday afternoon, so if you’re in the designated areas please make sure to be prepared.

We’re wishing everyone a safe and dry as possible day.

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Study: Florida Drivers Are The Worst In The U.S

This is not flattering at all: according to a new survey, the south east U.S has the worst drivers in the country, Florida in the lead. According to the survey, the best  drivers in the U.S are in Maine and Idaho.

The Time Magazine has published a study conducted by SmartAsset, a financial tech firm, and according to that study, Florida is leading the list of states with bad drivers. Now, don’t get us wrong, we have run once or twice in to rude or even dangerous drivers around here, but generally speaking, when we drive around our neighborhood in Davie, it feels safe and law-abiding. So this caught us by surprise. What is your experience with this?


A bad crash. Please be careful

A bad crash. Please be careful

Just so you know, these are the five states with the worst drivers, according to the survey:

  1. Florida
  2. Mississippi
  3. Oklahoma
  4. New Jersey
  5. Delaware

Drive safely people!

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Warm Welcome In Florida To Returning Olympic Champions

They were in Rio, they gave their best while representing the U.S, and now they’re back home, in Homestead and Miami, with Olympic medals. They fill us with pride.

On Tuesday the first Olympic champion arrived – Ashleigh Johnson, a water polo goalie, returned to her home in Miami. The young athlete has won, together with her team, a gold medal, after beating the Chinese team in the final. Happy Johnson is now going back to school. We’re wishing Johnson to do well in Princeton as well as she did in Rio!



Olympic gymnast Danell Leyva of  Homestead returned yesterday with two silver medals, which he won for his performances on the horizontal bar and the parallel bars. Levya seemed almost shy when found the dozens of fans waiting to welcome him back home when he landed in Miami, and admitted he didn’t expect this, he thought only his family and girlfriend will be waiting for him. How adorable can one be 🙂

When asked about his plans, Leyva said he doesn’t know yet about Tokyo 2020, but he is considering trying a career in Hollywood, CA, in the next few years. Very glamorous!



Both champions were greeted by many young fans, which hopefully will be inspired by the determination and the sports spirit of these two Floridians!


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Pregnant Women Warned Not To Travel To Miami Beach

The U.S Centers For Disease Control just made it official: due to the Zika virus new cases, the CDC now calls pregnant women to avoid traveling to Miami Beach.


The Zika virus, often transmitted by mosquitoes, can cause fatal birth defects, including a significantly small head, known as microcephaly. A few cases of locally transmitted Zika virus (not as a result of traveling outside the U.S) were identified last month, at the area of Wynwood, Miami Beach, but now new cases have been found out of Wynwood, and hence the new warning.

The CDC has issued a list of steps of caution to women residing in the area or who must travel there.

We’re wishing everyone good health and safe pregnancy and birth.

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Painting Animals Is Becoming A Problem In Florida

We had to read again this recent post from The Florida Fish And Wildlife Conservation Commission in order to believe it: “first turtles, now birds!” it read, and asked people to keep their paint to canvas rather to animals.


Yes, you’re seeing right – an originally white ibis with the unnatural color of bright orange. We’d like to believe that this happened by mistake, i.e the ibis fell into the paint or such, but turns out this is not a first. Check out this post from the FWC just a few weeks before:


We mean really, who is the genius who thought this would be a good idea? We don’t get the funny part of it, and worse, do people not understand that these paints are toxic and can harm the animals? It’s just cruel.

The FWC asks people to call their hotline in case you see someone painting animals. Please help the animals.

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Unpleasant Surprise: Florida Woman’s House Built On Someone Else’s Property

This is a crazy story. As locksmiths working around Kendall, Fla., we often see people in distress regarding their homes, especially when they are locked out. But we’ve never heard of anything like this.

The Palm Beach Post reports that a Florida woman, Debbie Kaplan, from Palm Bay, has owned her home for seven years without suspecting anything was wrong. However, recently she got a letter from the county Property Appraiser’s Office, telling her her house should have been built on the lot next door, which now stands empty. The plot which her house was actually built on belongs to another owner.

Kaplan's house. Photo: Google Maps

Kaplan’s house. Photo: Google Maps

The situation got more complicated when the owner of the plot on which the house was built on, hired an attorney, as they are interested in building their own home on their property.  Ms. Kaplan tried to contact the builder of her house, but he is out of business. Concerned Ms. Kaplan is now afraid of losing her home. She’s hoping the sides will be able to get to some agreement. We’re wishing her quick solving of this mess.



This post doesn’t reflect any of Kendall locksmiths views, and is just for entertainment value.