Medieval Technology!

Related to the the previous post, check out the craftsmanship of medieval locks! How beautiful! This is what we do at the shop 🙂

How Far in History does our Locksmithing Profession Go?

Locksmithing has been dated back to nearly the start of civilization yet our profession took a tern when it came to the medieval times considering medieval technology. We were once the “high tech” in our times, consistently crating, working together, locksmithing and so on. Of course we still do all this stuff but the times… Continue reading How Far in History does our Locksmithing Profession Go?

Do Any of Your have August?

As much as we enjoy the idea and comfort of having a keyless smart lock such as August, us locksmiths would want to check out what kind of locks they use before recommending it to our followers. What happens if you lost your phone for example?

The Story of Love Locks

We all know what locks are conventionally used for and may think we know how to use them, but locks are also symbolic of other abstract things such as love. The history of love locks goes back 100 years ago to a Serbian tale of a WWI of a heartbreak. Other young women in mission… Continue reading The Story of Love Locks

A Twist on the Trick that Killed Hudini

Please do not try this at home! Some illusionists can really boggle our minds. Trust us these locks are heavy duty equipment! How do you think that this illusionist was able to conquer this task?! Our locksmiths at our Miami location are trying to break this one down.

Break Into Your Car In 10 Seconds

If you have an older car and a shoelace, you may be in luck. Keep in mind that if you can do it, any skilled bugler can too. You may want to consider our guide on difficult car break-ins as well.