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Established in 2004, Professional Locksmith Davie (state license #00443LK), has been serving thousands of happy customers in Davie and the surrounding area. We offer a wide range of locksmith services including residential, commercial and automobile services.

We are an authorized dealer of Medeco and Mul-t-lock and can asist you with any lock related need you may have.

When it comes to the fastest and most reliable locksmith in davie, professional locksmith are your best choice. Our technicians are equipped to handle all your locksmith needs any time of the day, any day of the year.

Commercial Locksmith

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  • Fast Lockout Service
  • Master Key System
  • Panic Bars
  • Door Closers
  • High security locks
  • Access Control
  • Lock Change & Re-Key

Car locksmith

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  • Fast Lockout Service
  • Car key replacement
  • Ignition Replaced

Residential Locksmith

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  • Fast Lockout Service
  • Change Locks
  • Lock Installation
  • Rekey
  • Security Locks
  • Mailbox locks
  • Fix/Cut locks
  • Safes

5 Lingerie Sets That May Require
a Visit From A Locksmith

People, if you’re using these, please be aware where you place the key. We can help you if you lose it, but trust us, it’s AWKWARD

Not all of you may be aware of this, but there are lingerie sets primarily made out of metal that may or may not require a visit from a locksmith by the end of the night. Take a word of advice from us Locksmith Davie technicians - If you decide to purchase these outfits and use them recreationally, please, notice where you leave their keys.

Chastity Belt

These very difficult things to unlock without a key unless you’re a locksmith. Chastity belts were invented in the early 1400’s during the Renaissance period in Europe. The primary purpose of these female metal underwear was to prevent sexual intercourse for virgins or married women. At Locksmith Davie, we get phone calls to break into a chastity belt about once or twice a year. Everytime we know its going to be an interesting yet awkward scenario.

Male Chastity Belt

Okay, as we told you, at Davie Locksmith FL we receive phone calls about chastity belts here and there. Male Chastity belts are a whole different story. We had no idea they existed until we had a lockout situation. These devices seem to be very dangerous and as a little word of advice- locksmiths at Davie Locksmith rather not get all up in your genetillia when trying to get our job done.

Metal Corset

Metal corsets were introduced in the 16th century as a spanish fashion that served the purpose of armour. These ladies wearing their metal corsets as armour definitely did not march on the front lines or anything like that as these corsets are extremely uncomfortable and unbearably tight. For this kind of “lingerie”, make sure you are not alone since the locks are located on the backside. You will most definitely need assistance in getting this piece on and off.

Metal Bras

So we’re not really sure why metal bras were invented or what purpose they served in the past, but as for today these bras seem to have a similar idea as the metal corsets. They seem to be painful and uncomfortable. Make sure you know what you're doing or purchase one that does not require a lock!


So we all know why handcuffs were invented- to prevent suspected criminals from doing anything. So - a little piece of advice from a Locksmith Davie technician - Do not put handcuffs on yourself (I know this seems obvious but you would be surprised). Handcuffs are designed in a way that if your hands are locked up you are unable to unlock it yourself even if you have the key in your hand. Handcuff situations are probably the most common of those listed on this article - so be careful with it.

A final advice: if you are interested in purchasing or using any one kind of these lingerie items please use make sure you try locking and unlocking it first off your body to make sure have an idea of how the lock works.

P.S - Davie Locksmith are pretty sure there is a version of all these lingeries that do not require locks. May be worth looking into those!

Locksmith Davie Services:

Lockout of your car?

If you got locked out of your vehicle, call us immediately, we will be there as fast as possible and open your car for you. Our locksmithshave opend thousands of cars and are trained in opening any type of car without impairing the vehicle.

Looking for a Commercial Locksmith?

For any type of commercial locksmith services, our locksmith in Davie are your best option. We offer top quality services include installation of master keys, panic bars, re-keying the hardware of all types of brands, lockouts and high security locks.

lockout of your home?

Got locked out of your ouse? our emergency locksmith services can help you 24/7. We understand how frustrating these situation, contact us and our lockmiths in Davie will get to you as fast as 15 minutes. We offer round the clock services to provide you the peace of mind. Call us for further details.

Need to install Panic Bars:

A panic bar is the push bars that are installed for the exit doors to provide an easy exit point. Installation of panic bars is made mandatory for many organizations. Especially during fire accidents or any emergency situations, they play an important role in providing easy exit way. Our davie locksmiths can also advise you about the wide range of exit door hardwares from mounting, optional lock boxes and other secured card accessed entry.

See full list of our Locksmith Services

Wondering how to cut a lock?

There are many situations where you may find yourself needing to cut a lock open. An example could be if you have forgotten the combination for the lock on your bike. When put in this situation you are faced with two choices: Call a US Locksmith Davie technician or try it yourself.

Your first option would be to use a bolt cutter. These are really nothing more than a large pair of scissors but make sure you are extra careful. Another option would be a reciprocating saw which is similar to a jigsaw but can also be used to cut through bolts. Either way make sure you are safe!

Lost your keys?

If you didn’t think ahead, or are unable to call, you’re going to need a lock out service. US Locksmith Davie technicians are on call and can get to you in short space of time – wherever you are. Don’t worry, it won’t cost the earth if you’re armed with the right advice and have a trustworthy expert on hand.

Need to replace your house locks?

The majority of door locks can be replaced relatively inexpensively and easily. There are two types of lock you might need to change in your home;a door knob, or a cylinder lock. Most locks can be changed without having to call out a locksmith, but when in doubt call a US Locksmith Davie technician- we are always happy to help and to show you a step by step example for next time.

Davie Locksmith Prices:

Service Price
Re-keying Starting at $19
House Lockout Service Starting at $29
Apartment Lockout Service Starting at $29
Car Lockout Service Starting at $29
Changing Locks Starting at $45
Car Key Making Starting at $90
Ignition Change Starting at $120
Transponder Key Programming Starting at $65
Automotive Key Extraction Starting at $75
For all other services call (954) 947-7666

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