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Established in 2004, Professional Locksmith in Pembroke Pines (state license #00443LK) has been serving thousands of happy customers in Pembroke Pines and the surrounding area.We offer a wide range of locksmith services including residential, commercial and automobile services.

We are an authorized dealer of Medeco and Mul-t-lock and can asist you with any lock related need you may have.

When it comes to the fastest and most reliable locksmith services, Professional Locksmith in Pembroke Pines is your best choice. Our technicians are equipped to handle all your locksmith needs any time of the day, any day of the year.

Commercial Locksmith

Commercial Locksmith
  • Fast Lockout Service
  • Master Key System
  • Panic Bars
  • Door Closers
  • High security locks
  • Access Control
  • Lock Change & Re-Key

Car locksmith

Emergency Locksmith pembroke pines
  • Fast Lockout Service
  • Car key replacement
  • Ignition Replaced

Residential Locksmith

Residential Locksmith pembroke pines
  • Fast Lockout Service
  • Change Locks
  • Lock Installation
  • Rekey
  • Security Locks
  • Mailbox locks
  • Fix/Cut locks
  • Safes

Does Your Child Carry a Home Key to School? Important Security Rules by Pembroke Pines locksmith

It’s about protecting your child and your home. Make sure you read this before you hand your child a key.

Sometimes it is necessary for older children to carry a house key. They are too old for traditional daycare, too old for after school daycare programs, and don’t have after school activities every day. In a country where both parents have to work to make ends meet, more and more children are carrying house keys to school every day.

However common it may have become, there are some things to consider when you give your child their key. Most parents just hand over a key on a lanyard and show them how to use the lock. But there really is more to it than that if you want to keep your home and your child safe and secure (and not end up calling a service like locksmith pembroke pines). Here are some security tips you might not have considered.

Secure the Key

A lanyard with the house key on it really isn’t sufficient, especially for pre-teens. They are likely to take off the lanyard at some point and could easily lose the key (We get such calls in locksmith Pembroke Pines). If they have a physical education class or other outdoor physical activity they may be required to take off the lanyard. If the key is lost, they are locked out of the house at the end of the day.

One idea is to tie the lanyard on the strap of their backpack. This will keep the keys secure, and they should be able to lock and unlock the door without untying them. You could also use a belt clip to secure the key to their backpack, purse or belt. If you go with this method, make sure you choose a clip that locks closed rather than just clipping on.

Keep It Hidden

You do not want your child advertising that they are carrying a house key. Adults and strangers may take notice of their key. If they know where they live or follow them home your child could be in danger. Some strangers have been known to follow a child home then rob the house, sometimes injuring the child. In addition, bullies from their school may see the key and realize they will be alone, and take advantage of the fact to come hurt your child.

If your child does wear the lanyard around their neck, instruct them to keep it inside their shirt. For lanyards tied on the backpack or purse the extra length of lanyard and the key can be stuffed inside to keep it from showing. A belt clip could be hidden with an untucked shirt.

Have a Backup Plan

If your child is going to be home alone and letting themselves in and out of the house they should have a mobile phone. It can be a prepaid phone, and nothing fancy. But if they lock themselves out or lose their key they will need to be able to reach someone. There should be a definite backup plan in place in case that happens. You should designate one or two people that they can call who have a spare key to the house, such as a close family member. This way if the child locks themselves out or loses their key they have someone to come rescue them (You can also count on locksmith Pembroke Pines).

Rekey or Replace Locks

If your child loses their house key you should call locksmith Pembroke Pines to rekey or change your locks right away. You never know where that key has gone, who has it or what they might do with it. This will keep your child safe when they are home alone and prevent robberies.

Pembroke Pines Locksmith Reveals: 7 Locksmith Secrets that will Blow Your Mind

Important things to know before you call a locksmith

Locksmith Pembroke Pines has many professional technicians that are skilled in any lock out, break-in or other lock or key related situation. We are able to meet the needs of all of our customers in a polite, helpful and professional way. However, not all locksmiths are willing or able to perform the same tasks with the same pleasant attitude. Here are some secrets of many locksmiths, and how we differ from the competition.

Duplicating Car Keys

Your car dealer will tell you that they are the only ones who can duplicate the key for your car. They then charge outrageous prices to do so. Many locksmiths will not duplicate car keys on newer models because they don’t have the skills and talent to do so. Don’t believe either one. Locksmith Pembroke Pines is fully capable of duplicating car keys at a fraction of the cost.

Annoying and Rude Customers

Customers are sometimes impatient or belligerent if they are in a very big hurry or it is late at night. The fact is that even with Locksmith Pembroke Pines this will not speed up your service. We do our best to reach you as quickly as we possibly can, and trying to rush us won’t help us get there faster. With other locksmiths, this type of behavior could get you charged double. Our locksmiths, however, must adhere to a strict policy of charging no more than the set amount for the service (Call locksmith Pemrboek Pines for complete Price list).

Keys Cannot be Duplicated

Some locks bought for your home could claim to have unduplicatable keys. They may also say that they cannot be rekeyed. Many locksmiths will uphold these claims in an attempt to get you to pay for the installation of a new lock. Our locksmiths are talented and can duplicate any key. They are artists in the hardware shop and can ensure that every key is made to perfection.

Charges for “Nothing”

It is important that you make sure you need services before you call. Try the knob yourself before calling locksmith Pembroek Pines. Sometimes you may realize that you don’t have your keys, but then discover the door was unlocked all along. Unfortunately, even if you get in on your own, we have to charge you if we arrive at your door. Remember that you are not paying for “nothing.” You are paying for our time, gas and mileage to come to your home, whether you really needed us or not.

Stuck Keys

Another common situation is that you may get home and your key will not turn in the lock. You may panic, thinking you can’t get into your home and call a locksmith. Often all it takes to loosen the lock and allow your key to turn is a spray of WD-40. You should try this yourself before calling a locksmith. Again, if we come to your home we have to charge you.

Undercover Locksmiths

There are times when law enforcement needs locksmiths to help them with cases for various things, such as surveillance or searches (locksmith Pembroek Pines has done many jobs like that). Only the most skilled professionals are brought into such situations. Locksmith Pembroke Pines is one of these organizations that the police come to for assistance.

No One is a Human Map

It is very important that you provide an address of where you are. Do not try to give Pembroke Pines locksmith directions unless you know for certain that they are accurate. Thanks to GPS, we can get to any address in the city. But if you don’t give an accurate address or clear instructions to where you or your car are located, we cannot get to you in a timely manner.

Answers by Pembroke Pines Locksmith

What credentials should I ask a locksmith to show me?

Any locksmith that works on your home should have a name badge or other form of company identification that clearly states their name and who they work for. You should also ask for their credentials showing that they are licensed. If you have any question about the validity of the documents, contact the company or the licensing agency before allowing any work to be completed. For added protection, don’t trust any locksmith that shows up in an unmarked vehicle.

Can locksmiths provide more than just locks and keys?

Locksmiths can provide many additional services that you might have not considered. For residential customers, locksmiths can provide you with a safe or safe lock mechanisms that can help you keep your belongings safe in the event that someone tries to rob your home. For commercial customers, locksmiths can help with emergency exit doors, fire escape devices and panic bars.

How do I become a locksmith?

To be a locksmith you generally must be over the age of 18 and come up clean on a criminal background check. While a college degree is not required, you will need to find a trade school or apprenticeship where you can get your extensive training. An apprenticeship or internship is usually also required prior to licensing. Before licensing you will also have to pass an exam for certification.

Pembroke Pines Locksmith Prices:

Service Price
Re-keying Starting at $19
House Lockout Service Starting at $29
Apartment Lockout Service Starting at $29
Car Lockout Service Starting at $29
Changing Locks Starting at $45
Car Key Making Starting at $90
Ignition Change Starting at $120
Transponder Key Programming Starting at $65
Automotive Key Extraction Starting at $75
For all other services call 1-866-776-6062

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