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Established in 2004, Professional Locksmith Boynton Beach (state license #00443LK) has been serving thousands of happy customers in Boynton Beach and the surrounding area.We offer a wide range of locksmith services including residential, commercial and automobile services.

We are an authorized dealer of Medeco and Mul-t-lock and can asist you with any lock related need you may have.

When it comes to the fastest and most reliable locksmith services, Professional Locksmith Boynton Beach is your best choice. Our technicians are equipped to handle all your locksmith needs any time of the day, any day of the year.

Commercial Locksmith

Commercial Locksmith boynton beach
  • Fast Lockout Service
  • Master Key System
  • Panic Bars
  • Door Closers
  • High security locks
  • Access Control
  • Lock Change & Re-Key

Car locksmith

Emergency boynton beach locksmith
  • Fast Lockout Service
  • Car key replacement
  • Ignition Replaced

Residential Locksmith

Residential Locksmith in boynton beach
  • Fast Lockout Service
  • Change Locks
  • Lock Installation
  • Rekey
  • Security Locks
  • Mailbox locks
  • Fix/Cut locks
  • Safes

Their divorce was getting uglier by the minute, until Boynton Beach locksmith saved the day

We once got a phone call from a woman who got locked out. I went to her house and rescued her. The day after, she called and said she got locked out again. So again, I went there and let her in her house. But when she called a few hours later, saying she was locked out yet again, we thought something was fishy. When we realized what was really going on, I knew I had to be more than just a locksmith.

At Boynton Beach locksmith, we receive all types of calls from people of all walks of life. Divorcees are just one of the types of people we help everyday. Divorce can be very difficult for everyone involved. It can make you upset, angry, and not really in your right mind. One thing that divorcing couples often fight over is who is going to live in the house. When these arguments occur, a locksmith is often called to rekey locks or open the house at a lockout situation.

We are often placed in the middle of a divorce struggle. Locksmiths have to be skilled in not only locks but also people. Personally, I work with divorcing couples routinely, and have come to be a mediator of sorts between them. When this happens I call it putting on my divorce counseling hat. In one of my divorce stories, I was able to play an important role using this strategy.

It started with a call to Locksmith Boynton Beach. A woman was locked out of her home and asked us to come get her back into it. Once we arrived she asked me to rekey her home for her so that she could feel safe.

The next morning we received another call from the same woman, in the same situation. It sometimes happens that people lock themselves out more than once within several hours. They may be upset or stressed, and therefore forgetful. We didn’t think anything of this request, and went immediately to her rescue. Once we arrived she asked us to again rekey her locks. We thought this odd, but complied.

Within hours the woman called again. By this time we felt the situation was suspicious. We arrived at the home wondering what was really going on. Finally the woman admitted that she and her husband were going through a divorce. They didn’t want to share their home, and were fighting over who would live there until the divorce was final.

The couple had been locking each other out for three days. They were each using a different locksmith, and getting the locks rekeyed over and over again. She wanted to rekey the locks again to keep her husband out. We followed through on the task, working with Medeco locks. We are Medeco certified, unlike most other locksmiths. The husband’s locksmith would not have been able to do anything with the lock. As we were working, the husband showed up with his own locksmith.

Suddenly the entire yard was a battlefield. It was locksmith against locksmith, husband against wife. She was determined to have me finish my task while the husband shouted instructions to the other locksmith to come behind me and change them again. It was going to be a long vicious cycle unless something was done. I decided to step in with my divorce counseling hat.

In the end I was able to calm them down, and brought them to a truce. I told them that the alternative to a truce was for me to install Medeco locks, and give the wife the master key. This would have prevented the husband from having any access to the home. A truce was reached, and they were satisfied.

Two months later, the same couple called us at Boynton Beach locksmith. They told us that they had reconciled, and were renewing their vows. I was thrilled, and invited to the ceremony.

It is interesting to say the least to find myself in this situation. However, it is all part of the job. What will I walk into tomorrow?

Advise From Locksmith Boynton Beach

It’s All About The Timing - Time Locks

From unlocking the door for your child to forcing yourself to save money for later - things you never realized a time lock can do.

Time locks offer additional security to your home or your assets. A time lock is essentially a time delayed mechanism that prevents the lock from being opened until a specific time. This can be useful for many reasons.

How Time Locks Work- by Locksmith Boynton Beach

A time lock has a digital or electrical mechanism that is controlled by an internal or digital clock. You set the clock and the time that you want the door to be unlocked. When the appropriate time comes the door can be unlocked without trouble. If someone tries to unlock the door, even with a key, before the appointed time the door will not open.

Time Locks on Homes

A time lock can be used on the doors of your home. You can set the clock so that the door will only open at specified times, such as when your child comes home from school or you usually get home from work. You could also set it to unlock at the scheduled time for a maid or other grounds worker to come to your home while you are not there. Contact Boynton Beach locksmith for more information about time locks for your home

Some time locks require that you still have a key to open the door, while others allow you to open the door without a key during the specified times. The time locks that do not require a key can be useful because you could allow your child to enter the home without worrying that they lose their key. It would also prevent giving keys to maids or house guests. However, if someone knew the time that the door was to be unlocked they would be able to enter without trouble. This is why Boynton Beach locksmith recommend Time locks that still require a key are much safer.

Time Locks on Safes

A time lock on a safe is very useful, especially if you are worried about robberies whether you are home or not. If you have a lot of valuables, locksmith boynton beach recommend to have a safe for additional security. Adding a time lock to your safe makes it even more secure. If someone were to come into your home and demand that you open the safe, you would be unable to do so (Unless you will call locksmith boynton beach...). Even if you entered the combination you would not be able to get into the safe unless it was the appointed time.

This can also keep children out of your valuables. It could be handy for gun safes so that children could never open the safe and get to the guns without knowing the time that it could be unlocked. These time lock safes are also good for controlling your own urges. If you want to save a large sum of money without touching it for some time, you could set the time lock to open on the day and time you need the money and prevent yourself from being able to access it.

Locksmith Boynton Beach Q&A

What do I do if I lost the only keys I had for a lock? Do I need to buy a new lock?

If you lose the keys to a lock you can still use the lock. You can either have a key made to fit the lock, or you can have the lock rekeyed and have new keys made. If you lost the keys and you don’t know where they are, you should probably change the lock or have it rekeyed. This way whoever ended up with the keys don’t have access to your home.

I want a key that will open all the locks in my house. Can that be done?

If the locks in your home are of a certain quality, you can have a key that will open all of the locks in your house. Some locks are low quality and difficult to work with. However, high quality locks can be mastered. A key is created that takes into account all of the nuances of the individual locks into one key. This master key can be used on any lock in the home.

There is some kind of security device built into my new car key. Can I get a copy of it without calling the dealership?

You can have a car key copied without going through the dealership. We can work with all kinds of keys, and can change also the new style keys that have a transponder chip on them.

Boynton Beach Locksmith Prices:

Service Price
Re-keying Starting at $19
House Lockout Service Starting at $29
Apartment Lockout Service Starting at $29
Car Lockout Service Starting at $29
Changing Locks Starting at $45
Car Key Making Starting at $90
Ignition Change Starting at $120
Transponder Key Programming Starting at $65
Automotive Key Extraction Starting at $75
For all other services call locksmith boynton beach at 1-866-776-6062

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