Scary Clown Hired By Parents To Stop Kids Hunting Pokemons

We can’t decide if this is the funniest or the evilest thing we’ve heard today: people in Florida have hired a scary clown to scare their kids while they’re hunting for Pokemons.

According to the report about the incident the clown mentioned is Wrinkles, a 65 year old performer, who was seen before in Florida in the past few years, after being hired by parents to scare their kids as a punishment for misbehavior. Wrinkles is famous for lurking outside windows of naughty children and scaring the s**t out of them, as a reminder to behave well.

OMG!! according to the caption on this video in YouTube it’s unclear how the clown got in the house. Also unclear if this is the real Wrinkles. The good news are that the girl wasn’t harmed.

In the last few days Wrinkles has been spotted again, this time scaring off kids who were playing Pokemon Go in Southwest Florida. Luckily for us, not in Plantation, which is where we are, or we will be freaked out for good!


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