Unpleasant Surprise: Florida Woman’s House Built On Someone Else’s Property

This is a crazy story. As locksmiths working around Kendall, Fla., we often see people in distress regarding their homes, especially when they are locked out. But we’ve never heard of anything like this.

The Palm Beach Post reports that a Florida woman, Debbie Kaplan, from Palm Bay, has owned her home for seven years without suspecting anything was wrong. However, recently she got a letter from the county Property Appraiser’s Office, telling her her house should have been built on the lot next door, which now stands empty. The plot which her house was actually built on belongs to another owner.

Kaplan's house. Photo: Google Maps

Kaplan’s house. Photo: Google Maps

The situation got more complicated when the owner of the plot on which the house was built on, hired an attorney, as they are interested in building their own home on their property.  Ms. Kaplan tried to contact the builder of her house, but he is out of business. Concerned Ms. Kaplan is now afraid of losing her home. She’s hoping the sides will be able to get to some agreement. We’re wishing her quick solving of this mess.



This post doesn’t reflect any of Kendall locksmiths views, and is just for entertainment value.