US Locksmith Loves Medeco Locks, Here Is Why!

After extensive trials and research US Locksmith had concluded that the most difficult locks to crack are Medeco locks. Many people have asked why and it’s very difficult to explain unless you know how a lock works. This video has great graphics that explain exactly why. Once again if you are in search for a locksmith to rekey or change the locks on your house, US Locksmith is Medeco certified and skilled. Give us a call and we would be happy to help!

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Should I Change or Rekey My Locks?

Changing locks is a simple task that can easily improve the quality of your security whether it be in your home, office space, other properties etc. For example if you are moving into a home that was once inhabited by others, it’s always wise to change or rekey the locks to further insure the protection of your home. There are situations where previous key owners, housekeepers or maintenance technicians had key access to the home which in some instances led to break-ins. Regardless of who lived in your house before, it is wise to either rekey or change your locks before moving all your valuables and family in.

Rekeying and changing locks also applies to someone moving into a new office space, as it is very important to secure the space to further protect your office’s security at all times.

Many times changing locks or rekeying could be a solution for divorces or breakups. If you are a home or apartment owner and no longer want your significant other to access your space, rekeying is the way to go.

US Locksmith ran a test between different types of deadbolts in the marketplace and have made a valuable assessment on what are the best products to go with through the three different price ranges: $200-$150, $150-$100, $100-$0
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How to Pick a Lock Using the HPC Torque

When to change a lock:

Here are some of the situations in which you must go for changing your existing locks. They are

If the currently used lock is completely torn off and is in a very poor working conditions such that you are experiencing key jams.
To upgrade the grade of security at your house, particularly for susceptible entry points such as the front and back entrances and other doors that may house valuable goods.
It is really worth it to consider changing your locks to an upgraded security in both the above mentioned circumstances. In most of the circumstances, it is not necessary to change the locks of your entire property. In both of these circumstances, it’s worth considering consulting a locksmith at Locksmith Miami Beach about upgrading your security. In many cases however, changing the locks for the entire property is unnecessary. A professional locksmith from Locksmith Miami Beach can supply locks to match all budgets and offers a full rekeying service to customers when relocating to new homes.

10 Locksmith Secrets That Will Blow Your Mind

At Locksmith Pembroke Pines there are many professional technicians that are skilled to conquer any lockout or break-in situation. This of course you already know. What you may not know are our locksmithing secrets.

Do Not Believe Your Car Dealer
Your car dealer may say that they are the only ones who can duplicate keys, but that is definitely not the case. Not only can any locksmith that that deals with automotive lockouts such as Locksmith Pembroke Pines duplicate a key, but it’s also usually cheaper to go through a locksmith.
Don’t Be Annoying
If you are calling a locksmith to rescue you in the middle of the night- please be nice. If you are belligerent, inpatient or unclear the locksmith may charge you double. We at Locksmith Pembroke Pines have a strict policy of charging the exact amount as the service, but many other locksmiths out there may upcharge.
Unduplicatable Keys
Can always be duplicated. You have to be a skilled locksmith such as us at Locksmith Pembroke Pines, but we can duplicate any unduplicatable keys. Our Locksmiths also act as artists in the hardware shop to make sure the job is done perfectly.

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The Gross Truth About Locksmiths

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Locksmithing is definitely a professional profession that requires a lot of skill and tact. What you may not realize is that locksmithing is more than the professional aspect. Locksmiths such as those at Locksmith Coconut Creek enter peoples lives in the most peculiar times and help out in the strangest of all all situations. Many of these situations are definitely something to always remember as no one could ever imagine these situations to ever come true. What’s the most historical of all this is that the people that get themselves stuck in the most peculiar situations are those that you would NEVER imagine; such as priests.

Anyhow, here is our gross truth- now before I tell you, feel like this truth of ours at Locksmith Coconut Creek has to do with the fact that we are in South Florida and the breeze just might make people go a little crazy around here.

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How Locksmiths Rescued Animals Subjected to Abuse

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Before you read this story, I would just like to state that it is an extremely sad one but it has with a happy ending.
People can be very forgetful forgetting things here and there but when it comes to forgetting something you love, it can be tough. Even if the moment only lasts a split second it can cost you great distress and regret.

At Plantation Locksmith we received an emergency phone call to rescue two dogs who were trapped in a locked car during the hottest months of the South Florida summer.
The owner of the dogs took them to Markham Park for a run and while getting them back in the car, she had left her keys and phone in the locked car with the dogs and shut the door.
She was in panic, and there was no one around.
She eventually managed to catch someone who was leaving the park, used their phone and called us at Plantation Locksmith.

Find out how we saved them!

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5 Things You’re Doing Wrong When You Lock Up your House

You would think that this article would be self explanatory and obvious yet more often than we would like, us locksmiths are invited over to a household to make sure it’s secure after a family has experienced a home invasion. Please make sure your home is safe before an invasion, not after!

A little tip before we begin- 30% of home break-ins are no-force entries, meaning that the intruders simply open unlocked doors or open windows and enter homes that way. This also means that 70% were forced attempts – so please take our not so usual advice to keep you and your family safe.

Getting deadbolt locks is not quite effective enough. Intruders can break glass and open doors from the inside so here are the unusual tips that no one ever told you.

Learn what you can do to best secure your house.

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5 Different Lingerie Sets That May Require A Locksmith Visit

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These are the 5 most common lingerie sets primarily made out of metal that may or may not require a visit from a locksmith by the end of the night. Take a word of advice from us locksmiths- If you decide to purchase these ‘outfits’ and use them recreationally, please be aware of when you place their keys. The key is the most essential part of being able to take off metal clothing!

If you are interested in purchasing or using any one kind of these Lingerie’s please use them responsibly and make sure you try locking and unlocking it first off your body to make sure have an idea of how the lock works. While these visits are extremely amusing and give us something to laugh and talk about our work life, they are also extremely awkward- not only for me but mostly for you!

We dare you to check out our list!

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A Locksmith Story That Will Actually Make You Feel Sick

I am a locksmith technician at Locksmith Coral Springs meaning that I get to see a lot of interesting and non conventional things in my day. I may come to the rescue during a scandal or an unbelievably embarrassing moment. Yet, considering all the interesting journeys Locksmith Coral Springs has taken me on- this one wins as the most gruesome- by a million.

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So here is the story. We got a phone call at Locksmith Coral Springs by a concerned daughter who had been searching for her father. She was in hysterics trying to locate him as he was an elder man and beginning to be less responsible with his health and caring for himself. She claimed that he did not show up to her daughters birthday party and was not answering any of his phones.

His daughter had arrived to her fathers house in search for him and found his car in the driveway as it always is and his two dogs barking hysterically. Thats when she gave a phone call at Locksmith Coral Springs to break into the house and investigate what’s really going on.

Find out what happens next!

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3 Stories From A Locksmith’s Diary That Will Change Your Perspective of Today

You may or you may not realize that locksmiths enter people’s lives in times of stress, panic and embarrassment. So, us locksmiths would like to share some of our adventures with you.
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Advisory for Handcuffs
So one Tuesday I’m sitting around in our locksmith shop. It’s a slow Tuesday as many Tuesday’s seem to be, It was just me at the shop. As I am surfing the internet a guy comes into the shop asking me if we have some handcuff and legcuff keys. I said sure and I pointed out to some. He then looked at me in distress and said “I need the best ones you have”. I said alright and sold him the same one.
A few hours later the guy came back and said that the key didn’t work and asked me if I could come with him to undo the handcuffs. Before I agreed I just wanted to make sure who ever is locked up is not running from the law. I refunded him for the key and followed him to his place.
I find a woman hand and legcuffed together with all her limbs cuffed behind her back.
That was probably my most interesting experience at the job.

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