Pad locks

The Story of Love Locks


We all know what locks are conventionally used for and may think we know how to use them, but locks are also symbolic of other abstract things such as love. The history of love locks goes back 100 years ago to a Serbian tale of a WWI of a heartbreak. Other young women in mission to protect their loves would write their names on padlocks and hook it onto the place where the WWI love took place. Since then there are many european cities and landmarks that are notorious for love and lock locks.

4 Tips From Lake Worth Locksmiths That Will Keep Your Family Secure

Millions of homes across America experience break-ins each year. Every break-in averages about $2,000 worth of goods. Being a victim of burglary is definitely not desirable as many times it leads to loss of personal possessions and harm to family members. Regardless of if the victim was there at the time of the incident or not, in many cases they experience post-traumatic stress that could last years depending on the impact or experience encountered.

On a positive note, securing your home is much easier than you may assume and in the long run can save you a lot of stress and money. In many cases, burglars decide on which house to hit based on the appearance. Simply by a glance, a burglar will assess if the house seems to easy enough to break into and go for it. The best thing to do is to make your house look undesirable when it comes to break-ins through our locksmithing tactics.

There are many little inexpensive tips that can can go a long way in securing your home. As a Locksmith Lake Worth technician, read my helpful tips to prevent your home form crime.