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The Top 5 Crazy Situations A Locksmith Has Found Himself In

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Being a locksmith I have the privilege of entering peoples lives in the most awkward times, doing the most awkward things. I would really like to share some of these stories with you as many of them are really quite unbelievable. I love my job and the excitement it brings me every day so I would like to share with you my crazy experiences that keep me going and have me looking forward to my daily tasks.

Before I begin: I would just like to make it very clear that we technicians are used to seeing people in vulnerable situations and we do not take advantage of any situation we find ourselves.

Don’t you want to know what goes on in West Palm Beach?

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Are You Sure You Are Protecting You and Your Belongings?

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Robberies are scary but they happen, especially in Pompano Beach, Florida. Therefore, I have the most difficult time understanding why most people are not proactively protecting themselves and their homes.

Many times when our customers move into a new home they invest close to $80,000 including the move, new household appliances, new TV’s, a new kitchen and so on. You might find that amount of money shocking, is how they open their homes for robbery.

This might sound funny or obvious, but incase it doesn’t, please take my advice and lock your home CORRECTLY. Prevent the horrible circumstances of a multi thousand dollar robbery as best you can!

Read about the Pompano Beach secret of how to lock up.

Discover the Treasure Chest That is Hiding In Your House

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Are you living in an older home that was once inhabited by others? Well, guess what- you may have stricken gold. As a locksmith, I have been invited to more than one of these situations as the “treasure-chest-opener”… so from experience, this is how you may find your pot of gold. This style of modern day treasure hunting thankfully does not include pirates or locating the source of rainbow, but more simply ….. (find out the Miami Beach secrete)

During the great depression many people used to hide cash in their floorings and walls. Since then finding treasures in old homes have become urban legends. Apparently, some urban legends come true – especially in Miami Beach!


How I Got Arrested for Bank Robbery By Trying To Help An Old Man

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Us locksmiths do not take credit. This fact may lead us to an unfortunate sequence of events should our clients not have any cash or checks on them. Once I found myself arrested for bank robbery in Fort Lauderdale due to the lack of cash on my clients behalf! I promise I am a good innocent man, but here is my hilarious story!
First of all, you must to know my profile. I am a foreigner, my english is pretty good but I have a very very heavy accent. I am in my late 20s and have darker hair and skin than most. And of course, I am a nice guy who lives in Fort Lauderdale.

This one time I was commissioned for a service by an elder man and the fee was $450. Unfortunately, he did not have enough cash or checks so he offered to go to the bank, take out a bank check and pay me there. I agreed.

(Read More about my Fort Lauderdale story)

The Blond Decline….. Again?

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You would never think about it until someone told you to, but imagine the kind of situations and places a locksmith finds him or herself in on a daily basis. We find ourselves meeting the strangest people while solving the most peculiar problems.

One day, I received a very typical phone call from a lady who locked herself out of her car. I met her in downtown Miami where rent is high, apartments are nice and the people can be a bit crazy. She was an absolute knockout- blond, beautiful, put together and drove a BMW. I remember thinking to myself that I would never have a chance with that kind of an elegant lady.

I broke into her BMW and she gave me her credit card. The first one declined, the second declined, the third declined and of course she didn’t have any cash. This didn’t seem to come to her as a surprise, she simply picked up her phone and called whom I thought would be her husband.

(Find Out How My Miami Encounter Went)

Locksmith Glossary by Miami Locksmith

Useful Locksmith Glossary by Miami Locksmith.

House lock out service:

Do you have a spare key when you are locked out of your home? If no, then stop worrying and call us immediately. Within 15 minutes of your call, our technicians will reach you to handle your issue. At Professional Locksmith, all our technicians are specially trained to provide top class emergency home lockout services. They will reach you and access your house. If you need any key copy, they will provide you so that you can have a peace of mind. Contact us for any other information.

Auto Locksmith:

If you are looking for a specialized auto locksmith for your lost ignition key, the Professional Locksmith would you be your first contact. Any situations like locking out of your vehicle, key broken in a car door and all other automotive services are easily handled by our staff.

Panic bars:

Panic bars are defined as the handles that are installed to exit doors with the intention to provide an easy exit way to those who are unable to trace the exit way when they are stuck in an emergency fire situation. It is made mandatory to have those bars installed to the doors. Our technicians are trained in this area to install different panic bar hardware. They can also suggest you to choose different hardware from mounting to optional lock boxes including card access entry, fasteners and exterior keyed boxes. Our services ensure that your property is protected from intruders and also protect the safety of your staff. To find out more, contact us today.

Automobile lockout service:

Is your key broken in your vehicles key barrel? Are you unable to move further? Irrespective of your time and location, you can contact our Professional Locksmith services at any time. Our technicians will reach you within 15 minutes to get your issue resolved. Whatever be your issue, they can handle without causing any damage to your vehicle. They are also capable in reprogramming the transponder keys along with a wide range of repairs. All these services will definitely meet your budget without causing any issue to your safety and security. Keep our contact details handy to call us at any time.

Business lockout services:

Being locked out of your property early in the morning is definitely a frustrating situation which has a huge impact on your time as well as your business. To reduce this impact, you can call us and we will be at your service within no time. They also provide re-securing options so that your business is secured again. Call us to know more about our business lockout services.

Commercial Locksmith:

If you are looking for any expert commercial locksmith services such as installation of master key systems, panic bars, high security systems and other issues, then call us at any time for our expert services.

Pick a lock with Kevin Mitnick’s business card

Did you ever think of making your business cards into something that is more useful, Kevin Mitnick did:

About Kevin

Kevin David Mitnick is an American computer hacker that was convicted of various computer-related crimes, including hacking into the Pentagon computer system. Kevin served his time and after his release established an impressive career as a security consultant and an author.

Miami Locksmith Reveals: The Hardest Cars To Break Into……

If your vehicle is secure, it can be difficult to get into if you lose your key. That’s the way it should be.
Many newer model vehicles have extra security to deter thieves, but it can also make a locksmith’s job extremely difficult, should you need to break in.

A professional locksmith is trained to use specialized tools which won’t cause damage to your vehicle, but there are some cars that even locksmiths have difficulty breaking into. Here are a few of the toughest;

BMW and Mercedes

Fortunately, most new models use safety keys so the driver is unable to lock the keys in the car. However, if you do lose your keys, it would be much more cost effective to get a new set cut, as the damage caused to the vehicle by trying to break in would be far more expensive. Both BMWs and Mercedes use a double locking mechanism that make them extremely hard to break into. When the door is locked it is “dead locked” so even if you break the window, the door can’t be opened from the inside, even if you press the unlock button or pull on the handle. The only way to open the door is with a spare key.
If you own one of these models and you don’t already have spares cut, it’s time to get down to the dealer.

Toyota Lexus

These cars are also notoriously difficult for locksmiths to crack. This is because the button on the door frame is designed to quickly drop back into place as soon as it is lifted. This makes it extremely difficult to manipulate, even with the right tools. It can take a locksmith several hours to break into a Lexus. Once again, the advice is to make sure you have access to a spare set of keys, saving you time and money in the event of being locked out.

Honda Accord Coupe /Civic Coupe

These models often present a problem as the space between the auto body and the door is very narrow indeed, making it very hard for a locksmith to push tools through. To add to the problem, the button which unlocks the door is located at an awkward angle making it difficult to grasp.

If you are in a dangerous or vulnerable situation and are locked out of your car, it may be possible to break a window and use the override switch to start the engine, (if the vehicle has one), but we don’t recommend our customers employ this tactic. You could receive an injury from the glass, and the damage caused could prove to be very expensive.

Professional Locksmith provides a round the clock emergency auto lockout service, and one of our team can be with you within 15 minutes, whatever your location.

Our locksmiths are on hand 24 hours a day, so in an emergency call the experts on 1-877-864-4134.

Should I Rekey or Replace My Locks

Should I Rekey or Replace My Locks?

Although it’s exciting to receive the keys to your new home, it’s important to know that you are the only person who has access to your property.

When you’re relocating to new premises, it’s impossible to know who else may have a set of keys. Did the previous owner make copies for relatives? Has the real estate company loaned out a set to cleaning contractors? Have the keys been lost in the past, and duplicates made?

Home insurance companies do not look kindly on people who neglect to check the security of their home or business once they move in. Should they discover that the new resident hasn’t taken the proper measures to protect their home, they can be reluctant to pay up if a claim is made. This could end up costing you a great deal of money.

Most people fail to deal with the issue of security because they assume that changing the locks will cost them a fortune. This doesn’t have to be the case. It isn’t necessary to go to the expense of replacing all the hardware in your new home in order to lock out the previous keys. Rekeying, rather than changing the locks, could provide the solution.


If the previous owner installed locks that can be rekeyed, you may not even have to call out a locksmith. (Click here to find out more information about rekeying your locks.)

Rekeying is a way of changing the configuration of your existing locks, so that they can be opened with a new key. This means that you can be secure in the knowledge that only the new key will work, and the old one will be rendered useless. There are several advantages to doing this.

It saves you money as you don’t have to replace the entire lock hardware.
You can rekey all the locks to work with the same key. This way you don’t have to carry multiple keys around with you.
You can be certain in the knowledge that no unauthorised person can gain access to your property.
When to change the locks:

In some instances however, you may still want to consider changing your locks.
For example:

If the locks are in poor working order, or have so much wear and tear that you experience key jams, or difficulty gaining entry.
To upgrade the level of security at your property, (particularly for vulnerable entry points such as the front and back entrances, or a garage that may house valuable goods.)
In both these circumstances, it’s worth considering consulting a locksmith about upgrading your security. In many cases however, changing the locks for the entire property is unnecessary. Professional locksmith and security systems are able to provide locks to suit all budgets, and offer a full rekeying service to customers who want peace of mind when relocating to new premises.

How To Choose High Security Locks

There are many different methods of securing your property, and with the vast range of products on the market today, it pays to seek advice before you spend your hard earned cash on an expensive security upgrade.

So what features should you look for when purchasing high security locks?


Look to purchase products from reputable brands. The extra money they cost is well worth the peace of mind. For example; the door cylinders on your exterior doors are probably the most vulnerable components of your lock hardware. If an intruder can manipulate the cylinder, they can gain entry to your property. Medeco®is a highly respected, leading lock manufacturer, offering a wide range of pick, drill and bump resistant cylinders that in independent laboratory tests have been proven time and again to be highly resistant to attack. It isn’t worth cutting corners when it comes to your security. Always buy the best quality products your budget will allow.


Are the locks easy to service if something goes wrong? How expensive will it be to cut a duplicate key? Does the installation company offer good customer service if you want to upgrade again in the future? A reputable dealer should be able to answer all these questions for you. Remember, it’s no good investing in a high tech, electronic security system if there are annual or additional costs that make the system unviable.

Special security features:

Do you need the flexibility to adapt your security periodically? Do you require a master key system to be put in place for maintenance staff? Do you want the convenience of a single key to open all the doors on your premises?

Business owners have different security needs to people looking to secure a residential property. Key control is just one aspect of security you may need to consider. For tailor made, individualized security plans at this level, consult the experts. Again, it isn’t worth the trouble cutting corners and trying to do it yourself, especially if you have valuable contents to secure.

ANSI/BHMA standards:

Last of all make sure that all your hardware complies with recognized industry standards.
ANSI is the American National Standards Institute which oversees guidelines relating to consumer goods. The body coordinates voluntary standardization to develop and maintain performance standards for builder’s hardware. It introduced the idea of product grades to help identify the quality and durability of locksets through a series of operational and security tests. 
BHMA stands for the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association. This is the trade association for North American manufacturers of commercial builder’s hardware. BHMA is involved in monitoring standards, safety regulations and other activities that specifically impact builder’s hardware.

Products that are marked as ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 are the strongest available residential or commercial lock products.
Always buy locks that are ANSI/BHMA approved if you want to be sure you’re buying the highest quality locks available.
For advice on installing or upgrading a high security lock system for your home or business, ring 1-877-864-4134 to speak to one of our experts.