Miami Beach city moves to curb big blowout events following Floatopia backlash

After the recent blowback from the estimated 80,000 person large beachside event on Miami Beach, city commissioners are taking measures to curb and control future “high impact events.”  Scenes of trash strewn beaches full of plastic floatation devices and empty beer bottles, were posted all over social media with neighbors up in arms over the utter disregard of revelers.  These embarrassing scenes of chaos to Miami’s pristine beaches lead to the  recent push by the City to draft an ordinance that would ban coolers, tents and other large objects from beach areas.  It would also impose a fee of $100 for non-residents to park on Miami Beach during big events.

At a Wednesday night meeting city commissioners sided with Mayor Philip Levine’s proposal to appoint a panel that will look into ways to regulate major events like Floatopia and the Air and Sea Show which takes place for the first time on Miami Beach on Memorial Day weekend next year.   However, any ordinance coming out of the panel would have to be carefully worded because much of the beach land belongs to the state of Florida and Miami Beach officials couldn’t close the beach even if they wanted to.  This fact is likely to further raise the frustrations of residents as the city would have to pick up the bill on “high impact events.”  As seen recently when the City spent an estimated $60,000 on police overtime and cleanup after Floatopia.

This post doesn’t reflect any of Miami Beach locksmiths views, and is just for entertainment value.