5 Different Lingerie Sets That May Require A Locksmith Visit

davie locksmith
davie locksmith

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These are the 5 most common lingerie sets primarily made out of metal that may or may not require a visit from a locksmith by the end of the night. Take a word of advice from us locksmiths- If you decide to purchase these ‘outfits’ and use them recreationally, please be aware of when you place their keys. The key is the most essential part of being able to take off metal clothing!

If you are interested in purchasing or using any one kind of these Lingerie’s please use them responsibly and make sure you try locking and unlocking it first off your body to make sure have an idea of how the lock works. While these visits are extremely amusing and give us something to laugh and talk about our work life, they are also extremely awkward- not only for me but mostly for you!

We dare you to check out our list!