10 Locksmith Secrets That Will Blow Your Mind

Pembroke Pines Locksmith secrets
Pembroke Pines Locksmith secrets

At Locksmith Pembroke Pines there are many professional technicians that are skilled to conquer any lockout or break-in situation. This of course you already know. What you may not know are our locksmithing secrets.

Do Not Believe Your Car Dealer
Your car dealer may say that they are the only ones who can duplicate keys, but that is definitely not the case. Not only can any locksmith that that deals with automotive lockouts such as Locksmith Pembroke Pines duplicate a key, but it’s also usually cheaper to go through a locksmith.
Don’t Be Annoying
If you are calling a locksmith to rescue you in the middle of the night- please be nice. If you are belligerent, inpatient or unclear the locksmith may charge you double. We at Locksmith Pembroke Pines have a strict policy of charging the exact amount as the service, but many other locksmiths out there may upcharge.
Unduplicatable Keys
Can always be duplicated. You have to be a skilled locksmith such as us at Locksmith Pembroke Pines, but we can duplicate any unduplicatable keys. Our Locksmiths also act as artists in the hardware shop to make sure the job is done perfectly.

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