Should I Change or Rekey My Locks?

US Locksmith 24hours
US Locksmith 24hours

Changing locks is a simple task that can easily improve the quality of your security whether it be in your home, office space, other properties etc. For example if you are moving into a home that was once inhabited by others, it’s always wise to change or rekey the locks to further insure the protection of your home. There are situations where previous key owners, housekeepers or maintenance technicians had key access to the home which in some instances led to break-ins. Regardless of who lived in your house before, it is wise to either rekey or change your locks before moving all your valuables and family in.

Rekeying and changing locks also applies to someone moving into a new office space, as it is very important to secure the space to further protect your office’s security at all times.

Many times changing locks or rekeying could be a solution for divorces or breakups. If you are a home or apartment owner and no longer want your significant other to access your space, rekeying is the way to go.

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