Mom locked her child in the car

Yes, I will admit, in many cases locksmiths make their money on the expense of someone’s else trouble. In that regard we are not different than a divorce attorney, or a doctor.
However, its not always as simple as helping a person fix her broken lock, sometimes we are turning into locksmith hero. The following story really happened, and has probably turn into a trauma for both the baby and the mom.

kid in hot car
Kerry and her husband just finish groceries shopping and put their 2 years old son in his car seat. To make him happy, they gave him the car keys to play with while they loaded the groceries bags to the trunk. When they were done, they close the the trunk, closed the back seat and a second before they opened the front doors, they son just clicked on the car remote control and locked the car. They were in horror! For a few minutes that tried to explain their son to click on the button again but once he through the remote control away and start crying, the both got panic. The husband ran into the stores to look for something to open the car or to break the window while the mom call the locksmith line. Luckily, a locksmith arrive within minutes and open the car. This type of stories happens much often then you imagine, and in some cases (in hot days) can be very dangerous.

Here are a few safety tips from our locksmith in Miami Beach:

  1. Don’t let your child hold your car keys
  2. If you decide to give the baby the keys, make sure the driver door is open at all time
  3. If the child does get locked, call a locksmith immediately.
  4. Keep a spare key in your bag
  5. If the car is HOT, smashed the window, don’t take risks

The same goes to your pet, you will be very surprise to learn how many call locksmith get to unlock a car with a locked pet in it.