What Are The Advantages Of Choosing Medeco® Locks?

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Since the 1980’s, Medeco® have been leaders in the field of locksmithing. Medeco® locks are heavy and tough, and have the reputation of being one of the most attack resistant locks available on the market today.

There are several reasons why Medeco® products are considered to be amongst the best money can buy. They’re pick, drill and bump resistant, and are highly restricted. Read on to see why we recommend this world renowned brand.

Bump resistant technology:

It’s a little known fact that thieves can break into most consumer grade pin tumbler locks in just a few seconds, and so most lock hardware you see in the general store, offers a relatively low level of security.

If a criminal wants to gain access to your property, they can quickly and easily get in by using a technique known as “lock bumping”. Lock bumping requires no more equipment than a “bump key” (which can be made at home or bought cheaply from the internet,) and a small plastic paddle. With a wealth of information about lock picking readily available on the internet today, it’s not hard for criminals to find a way to break in. Worst of all, lock bumping is almost impossible to detect, so if you’re unfortunate enough to be broken into, you may not even be able to claim compensation from the insurance company.

Medeco® locks are made to be resistant to key bumping by using angled key cuts to neutralize bumping attacks which disperse the kinetic force.

Pick and drill protection:

Medeco®hardware is made with hardened steel inserts at drill points, making all Medeco® locks highly drill resistant. In fact, consumer reports have shown that Medeco®is the only brand that can withstand a break in from a common home drill. Medeco®locks also contain special side bar features that make them extremely difficult to pick.

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Medeco® keys can’t be cut by just anyone.

Using readily available technology, thieves are now able to create duplicate keys from almost any lock on the market. Medeco®ensures that their patented key duplication machines are distributed to authorized dealers only. This restricted procedure means that only the owner or an authorized individual can order copies of your keys.

Independent tests conducted at laboratories associated with ANSI/BHMA standards, consistently confirm that Medeco®high security locks meet or surpass all the necessary requirements for a high security cylinder. Medeco® is an excellent choice of hardware for clients needing extra security and peace of mind for their home or business.

For more advice about the benefits of installing Medeco® high security locks, call our Medeco Locksmith in Miami on 1-877-864-4134 today.


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