The Teen Son Surprise

This is a funny story about parenthood to teenagers. You never know what you’ll run into on your work day when you’re a US locksmith, and this one is a classic story.

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Never know what to expect with teens. Photo: Shutterstock

It all started with a call to our Wellington Locksmiths office. The caller said she was locked out of her house so I got on my way right away. When I got there I discovered a frustrated lady, with grocery bags next to her in front of her closed front door. She said she just came back from the store, unlocked the door with her key, yet the door won’t open. I checked her keys and the lock and they were fine and clearly unlocking the door, but the door wouldn’t budge. I know that lots of our customers in Locksmiths Wellington have deadbolts on the inside of their door, so I asked the lady if that was the case and she confirmed that they have one. But, she argued, how could it be that the deadbolt is locked, if you can only lock it from the inside and there should be no one in the house?

Well, I gave her a few seconds until it dawned on her that that means there’s someone inside, and that person made a point of locking the house so no one else can get in. She seemed more angry than scared to the thought, and demanded I unlocked the door at once. I didn’t want to cause too much damage to her front door, so we went to the back door which was locked with a regular lock (but she didn’t have the key on her) and I unlocked it for her. She asked me to go in with her, in case the person in the house is dangerous, so I escorted her inside.

And there, on the sofa in her living room, we found two teenagers, barely dressed, busy in “the act”. To this sight the lady went ballistic. Turns out the boy in the pair was her son. He and his girlfriend cut school for some private time. He made sure to lock the door with the deadbolt so his mom can’t go in without ringing the door and giving him a warning. But then he got so entranced with what was going on he never even heard his mom’s car, his mom’s key, and not even his mom’s banging on the door trying to open it… He looked really embarrassed, trying to find his clothes to dress up while his mom was screaming at him, and the poor girlfriend just ran off to hide in another room.

Now, working for Locksmith Wellington I’ve been to some awkward situations, but this one was a bit funny too. When it was clear the lady really didn’t need me anymore, I bid goodbye and took off. I think I managed to hear her yellings all the way to our Wellington Locksmith office…