The Scary Surprise

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bigstock 141862067

The story I’m about to tell you is one of the funniest yet morbid cases we have ever run into in our US locksmiths firm. This is something that happened to me while working for our Coral Gables Locksmiths office. Actually, it happened a few times, and it has managed to ruin my day every time.

One of our regular customers is a morgue. They are a regular customer since they make a point of changing their locks every time they have an employee leaving. It’s part of their security policy to ensure that no former employees have any access to the building and I respect that. We have a bunch of customers in our offices of Locksmiths Coral Gables which are very strict policy companies and I love that.

It’s just that… well… this specific customer is a mortuary, so you can imagine what’s hiding behind the door sometimes. At the first time they called Coral Gables Locksmiths I wasn’t thinking about it, so when they asked me to unlock a door in the back part of the building, I did, I opened it wide, and I was horrified to discover a dead body lying right in front of me. Of course, I should have realized that this is what you might find behind closed doors at such a place and not react so badly, but you know, I’m the average Joe, I work, I have a family, I keep the law. I never saw or expected to see a dead body before, and this caught me completely unguarded. I stumbled back, all pale, and had to sit down. I did the rest of the job with somewhat shaky hands, and when finally finished I was happy to be out of there. I had a very small lunch and dinner that day, I just did not have the appetite. The vision came back to me again and again that day and I was sure I’ll be getting nightmares that night.

bigstock 141862067
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But time passed and I forgot about it. I was called to many other locksmiths Coral Gables customers, and was happy to be back to myself. So a few months later, when I was called again to the same place, I completely forgot what happened to me there. And of course, while working my way through the building I opened a door and – yes, saw a dead body. Again. I wasn’t ready for this, and I felt my knees weak. When I left the place I called my wife and told her to cancel that big dinner out we were talking about, I don’t have much of an appetite anymore…

I was called many more times to this place, but I’ve learnt my lesson. Every time I’m about to open a door there, I turn around to the the maintenance guy who’s walking with me and say: “I don’t like surprises. Is there a dead body behind this door?”

Now there’s a question I never thought I will get to ask often…