The Blond Decline….. Again?

Miami Locksmith
Miami Locksmith

You would never think about it until someone told you to, but imagine the kind of situations and places a locksmith finds him or herself in on a daily basis. We find ourselves meeting the strangest people while solving the most peculiar problems.

One day, I received a very typical phone call from a lady who locked herself out of her car. I met her in downtown Miami where rent is high, apartments are nice and the people can be a bit crazy. She was an absolute knockout- blond, beautiful, put together and drove a BMW. I remember thinking to myself that I would never have a chance with that kind of an elegant lady.

I broke into her BMW and she gave me her credit card. The first one declined, the second declined, the third declined and of course she didn’t have any cash. This didn’t seem to come to her as a surprise, she simply picked up her phone and called whom I thought would be her husband.

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