How I Got Arrested for Bank Robbery By Trying To Help An Old Man

locksmith ft lauderdale
locksmith ft lauderdale

locksmith Fort lauderdale

Us locksmiths do not take credit. This fact may lead us to an unfortunate sequence of events should our clients not have any cash or checks on them. Once I found myself arrested for bank robbery in Fort Lauderdale due to the lack of cash on my clients behalf! I promise I am a good innocent man, but here is my hilarious story!
First of all, you must to know my profile. I am a foreigner, my english is pretty good but I have a very very heavy accent. I am in my late 20s and have darker hair and skin than most. And of course, I am a nice guy who lives in Fort Lauderdale.

This one time I was commissioned for a service by an elder man and the fee was $450. Unfortunately, he did not have enough cash or checks so he offered to go to the bank, take out a bank check and pay me there. I agreed.

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