Miami Locksmith Reveals: The Hardest Cars To Break Into……

If your vehicle is secure, it can be difficult to get into if you lose your key. That’s the way it should be.
Many newer model vehicles have extra security to deter thieves, but it can also make a locksmith’s job extremely difficult, should you need to break in.

A professional locksmith is trained to use specialized tools which won’t cause damage to your vehicle, but there are some cars that even locksmiths have difficulty breaking into. Here are a few of the toughest;

BMW and Mercedes

Fortunately, most new models use safety keys so the driver is unable to lock the keys in the car. However, if you do lose your keys, it would be much more cost effective to get a new set cut, as the damage caused to the vehicle by trying to break in would be far more expensive. Both BMWs and Mercedes use a double locking mechanism that make them extremely hard to break into. When the door is locked it is “dead locked” so even if you break the window, the door can’t be opened from the inside, even if you press the unlock button or pull on the handle. The only way to open the door is with a spare key.
If you own one of these models and you don’t already have spares cut, it’s time to get down to the dealer.

Toyota Lexus

These cars are also notoriously difficult for locksmiths to crack. This is because the button on the door frame is designed to quickly drop back into place as soon as it is lifted. This makes it extremely difficult to manipulate, even with the right tools. It can take a locksmith several hours to break into a Lexus. Once again, the advice is to make sure you have access to a spare set of keys, saving you time and money in the event of being locked out.

Honda Accord Coupe /Civic Coupe

These models often present a problem as the space between the auto body and the door is very narrow indeed, making it very hard for a locksmith to push tools through. To add to the problem, the button which unlocks the door is located at an awkward angle making it difficult to grasp.

If you are in a dangerous or vulnerable situation and are locked out of your car, it may be possible to break a window and use the override switch to start the engine, (if the vehicle has one), but we don’t recommend our customers employ this tactic. You could receive an injury from the glass, and the damage caused could prove to be very expensive.

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