Is Ben is most boring bachelor of all time? #TheBachelor

Bachelor nation tunes in tonight for the much anticipated finale of The Bachelor. For those ladies and gents that have been tuning in for the past couple months I’m sure this moment couldn’t have come sooner. Yes, Ben has the looks of a GQ cover model and that glisten in his eye is divine but am I wrong in saying he’s been as interesting as a blank piece of paper or watching paint dry. This season has been torture. After coming off of an exciting last season of bachelorette – this season has been a big disappointment. Perhaps it’s because Ben and the ladies are far too young to have any ‘real’ drama or conversations – with Olivia and Jubilee giving the only ‘reality TV’ worthy highlights. It just seems as if Ben is always zoning out when talking to the ladies. He gets that blank stare and his eyes glaze over when he talks to the ladies but when he talks my eyes inevitably glaze over.

Despite this being the most boring season yet, I think I should give my prediction of who I think Ben will pick. ABC is trying in vain to create some excitement around his decision with him telling both ladies that he loves them, but ultimately he will choose the most obvious contestant of all – Lauren B. Got to keep mom happy, am I right?

There wasn’t enough in this season that I feel compelled to discuss so here’s to the much anticipated finale. Good luck, Ben. Can’t say I’m not happy it’s over.

This post doesn’t reflect any of Fort Lauderdale locksmiths views, and is just for entertainment value.