Zika Is Now Officially In Florida

The Zika virus is being transmitted by mosquitoes in the United States. This sad news are now made official by the Florida State health department, after four new cases of Zika, three men and a woman, have been discovered in the state. Health officials believe that transmission is confined to a small area north of downtown Miami — including the Wynwood neighborhood.

The Zika virus broke out more than a year ago in South America, including Brazil, which will host the Olympic games under the threat of the disease. The main fear about the Zika regards pregnant women – the virus can cause defects in fetuses, especially microcephaly –  a small head and brain damage.

These are of course worrying news, but the health department has recommended to take safety measures, such as using mosquito repellents or window screen. All in all, there is still no reason to panic (why you shouldn’t panic – read here).

The Florida health department has been doing efforts in the past few weeks to find mosquito concentrations and check whether they were carrying Zika. The searches are focused right now on the area where the new four cases have been discovered. Earlier this year the health department searched a wider area, including Miami Gardens.


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Miss Florida USA Lost Her Crown

It was only a week ago when Genesis Davila was crowned as Miss Florida USA. But the beauty did not stay sitting at the throne for long – she’s been stripped off her title two days ago, following what is described as “breaking the pageant rules.

As it turns out, once the contestants have checked in to the final run, one is not allowed to have contact with people outside the competition, nor get professional help with make up and such. But Ms. Davila has posted photos of herself getting her face done up by a pro, and hence breaking regulations. The photo was posted two days after the competition, which immediately led to complaints – and that was it.

So who is the new Miss Florida USA? please welcome Linnete De Los Santos, who was the runner up and now the new queen. Ms. De Los Santos is a legal secretary who attended Shepard Broad college in Davie, FL.  We’re wishing her good luck at the coming Miss USA pageant.

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Clinton Chose Miami For Presenting Her Pick For VP

It was at the Florida International University in Miami, close to Kendall, where Hillary Clinton chose to present her running mate, Virgina Sen. Tim Kaine. Sen. Kaine made his debut today, joining Ms. Clinton on stage in Miami.

Miami was chosen as the best place to present Ms. Clinton’s running mate for many good reasons, one of them being a good place for Sen. Kaine to show off his Spanish. Indeed, Sen. Kaine opened his speech in Spanish, saying among other things, “We’re going to be compañeros del alma.” Soul mates.


Clinton twitting her choosing Kaine

Clinton twitting her choosing Kaine

The Clinton-Kaine team will now focus on getting the democratic ticket to running for presidency.

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Arian Foster Joining The Dolphins

Is this a new era for Miami Dolphins? Could very well be. After searching for a running back for a while, the Dolphins have just signed Arian Foster for a one year contract. The contract is said to be a $1.5 million worth, with incentives that can bring it up to 3 millions.

Foster, who will turn 30 on August, had been forced to take a long injury break, which he ironically sustained while playing against the Dolphins at their home stadium in Miami Gardens, October 2015. That circle will close now, when Foster will join the Dolphins, as it was announced yesterday. We’re hoping that the veteran running back might do the trick for The Fins, who haven’t been to the Super Bowl since the 70’s. We would love to see them at the top again!



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Steve Jobs Widow Buys Ranch In Florida

How many hi tech moguls families can live in one small town in Florida? More than you think. Steve Jobs’ widow has just bought $15M ranch in Wellington, Palm Beach county, the same city where Bill Gates has recently purchased a whole street.

Wellington is famous among equestrian enthusiasts as an elite horseback riding competitions area. As it happens, Gates’ oldest daughter, Jennifer, and Jobs’ oldest daughter, Eve, are both skilled riders who have competed against each other in the past. The families used to rent houses in the area when competed in Florida, but now have obviously decided to make it more permanent.

The Gates ranch. Photo: Bing Maps

The Gates ranch. Photo: Bing Maps

The new Jobs estate is reportedly including a barn that can host up to 20 horses. The Gates ranch is also equipped with barns and training area. So hopefully, the next Equestrian Festival in Wellington would be filled with celebs coming over to watch the two famous riders compete.

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Crazy Video: Shark Chasing A Man

Every now and then we like to plan the weekend coming. One of the advantages of living in Florida is the wide selection of nature activities and water activities we can choose from. Fishing, for example, is a favorite, as it includes being at the outdoors, enjoying the view and the weather, having relaxed time combined with excitements, and then coming back home with dinner. Or what will be dinner after a short grilling. Perfect.

What can go wrong? Well, imagine all the above, and then a shark shows up and try to take a bite off your loot. Or your leg. Whichever came first. This is what happened to a Florida fisherman, standing in the water while spearfishing. In this video uploaded to YouTube, you can hear his friend yelling ‘it’s coming’, and then starts the run, including a stressful few seconds when his foot gets caught in the strings while trying to get away. Crazy.

What can we say, we’re reconsidering our weekend plan…. From our locksmiths offices in MiamiMiami BeachMiami GardensPlantationFort LauderdaleDavie and plenty more around the region, we’re hoping you’re having a great week.


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Singing On A Prayer

You know that dream when you plan your wedding and you wish you can have someone really cool singing in it? Well, that came true in an unnamed couple’s wedding in South Florida last weekend.

As it happens, one of the guests of the wedding was Jon Bon Jovi. BON JOVI. Now apparently, he said before the wedding he wouldn’t want to sing and he’s attending it as a regular guest. But wedding singer Lourdes Valentin didn’t let that discourage her – and started singing his 1986 mega hit Living On A Prayer. At the videos taken on the event (as you can guess, loads of guests drew their phones and started filming as soon as this remarkable moment happened), Bon Jovi looks reluctant in the beginning, to the verge of the moment being awkward, but then he shows what a real sport he is – and joins her in singing. Wow.

The couple whose wedding it was is still unknown, but you can catch a glimpse of them at the video. What can we say – we’re jealous.

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Florida Style 4th Of July

Hello Everyone! We hope you had a fabulous 4th of July! Personally, we are still full from all that food and we still are excited about all those fireworks. Man, yesterday was a good day.

Anyways, it’s Tuesday and though a bit tired we are back at our offices in MiamiMiami Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Plantation and many more at the region, and we finally have time to take a look at what other people have been doing on this 4th of July. Obviously, there’s been a lot of BBQ going on (we swear we can still smell it. Is it just us?), and a lot of parades, and as mentioned, the fireworks, and all those beloved 4th of July classics (we love this day!), and then there were the celebs.

Oh yes, this 4th of July our state has been visited by a member of the big K clan, and we’re not talking about the Kennedys. It’s been a day on the beach for Kourtney Kardashian, and that beach happened to be at our own Miami Beach… The mom to three was joined by other hot famous moms, just to make our beaches a bit more glamorous…

Kourtney as seen on the Daily Mail

Kourtney as seen on the Daily Mail

We guess even California celebs rather spend this special day in Florida. We totally understand that…


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Emergency Declared At Florida Coast

Hello everyone! We hope you were not planning to go the beach today, especially not if you live around Treasure Coast. Florida Gov. Rick Scott has declared an emergency situation at the area due to bright blue-green algae blooms taking over waterways and beaches.

Press the photo link to see the full map on Fox 5

Press the photo link to see the full map on Fox 5

Besides the general eeww feel to the whole thing, the algae actually do pose threat, as they have toxins in them and can be poisonous. Our advice – don’t even get close to that. How about hitting the pool today? That’s what we’d do, if it wasn’t for the yet another busy day we’re having today at our locksmiths offices in Miami Beach, Kendall, PlantationBoca Raton and many more at the region.

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Cheer Up Florida

It’s been a hard week for us in Florida. It started off with the killing of Christina Grimmie right after a concert in Orlando. It moved to the horrific mass shooting in the Pulse club in Orlando, which all of us are still grieving for, and ended with the tragic alligator attack at the Disney World resort. It’s been a week of sad smiles in our offices.

But here comes the weekend, time for resting and being grateful for what we have. In order to help us all to remember the bright side of life, we thought we should make a list of why we love Florida. Here goes:

1) OK, this is pretty obvious – the weather! It’s called the sunshine state for a good reason. When we hear our relatives from the northern US tell us how they spent the morning shoveling snow, we just smile and head to the beach.  Just don’t forget sun screen – oh, did you know it was invented in Florida?

2) The amusement parks. Because we live in a children’s dreamland. Do you know a child that will say no to a trip to Florida? Neither do we.

3) The Keys. It’s beautiful and it’s water sport fans dream. Did you know the only living coral barrier reef in continental US is in the Keys? Next time you go snorkeling, think about that.


Sunset in Key West.

4) Women’s power – Miami is the only major U.S. city founded by a woman. Julia Tuttle, a local landowner, convinced a railroad tycoon to expand his Florida East Coast Railway to Miami. Short time after Miami was declared a city. Well done Ms Tuttle!

5) No state income tax. Do we need to say more?

6) Some people go to the zoo to see parrots, others google to see palm trees. We just go out to the street.

7) Have you seen how many retirement resorts are there in Florida? They’re called old and wise for a reason.

8) The food. American food? check. Mexican? check. Fresh sea food? check. Cuban? check. The original Key lime pie? check. Freshly squeezed juice from a recently picked Florida orange? check. Yummy.

9) Space pride – Florida has launched every spaceship in the U.S. since 1968 from the Kennedy Space Center. Cape Canaveral is a must location for any family with little (and big) space enthusiasts.

Let’s face it – we live where people come for a dream vacation. Let’s all be grateful.

From our offices around Florida, we’re wishing you a calm and positive weekend. No more bad news please.

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