About Medeco®:

Medeco® (short for the Mechanical Development Company) is the World’s leading manufacturer and supplier of locks. The company as we know it today, was started by Paul A. Powell and Roy C. Spain in the mid 1950’s, and has gone from strength to strength ever since.
Upon setting up his company, Mr. Spain devised a unique advertising stunt, making the claim that he would pay $50,000 dollars to anyone who could pick his new lock. His design was unmatched at the time, as it employed a unique locking principle of angled cuts and elevating rotating pin tumblers that made millions of key combinations possible. It offered the highest level of security. His locks subsequently became renowned worldwide for being highly resistant to most forms of attack.
Ultimately, it was a detective from New York City who was able to decipher the lock. Since then, Medeco® locks have been notoriously difficult to crack.
Since the 1980’s, Medeco® have been leaders in the field of locksmithing, producing innovative designs such as “keymark” for installations requiring strong patented key control without the need for additional drill and pick resistant features, right through to state of the art electronic lock systems.
The company also developed a unique bi-axel cut key system, which ensures their keys cannot be duplicated. The system was one of the first to use hardened steel inserts to defend against physical attack.
To this day, Medeco® products consistently provide a high level of security for ultimate peace of mind.
Medeco® locks protect U.S. government and military installations, schools and universities, hospitals and banks, vending machines and parking meters, as well as homes and offices. As a leading brand specialising in high security locks, they are a household name you can trust.
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