How to Cut Open a Lock

There are many situations where you may find yourself needing to cut open a lock.

For example:
• Locks on sheds and outhouses can rust and become difficult to open.
• You may have forgotten the combination for the lock on your bike.
• You may have lost the key to a padlock, and need to gain entry to a safety deposit box.
There are two choices. You can either call out a locksmith who will have all the necessary experience and professional tools needed to cut open your lock, or you can save money and try to break the lock yourself.

What tools do you need to break open a lock?
A bolt cutter is your first option. Bolt cutters can be bought at any local hardware store and are cheaper than calling out a locksmith. Bolt cutters are really nothing more than a large pair of scissors, but they do require a little elbow grease to break through the lock. If you’re looking to purchase bolt cutters to cut open a lock, then you should consider buying ones with long handles, as this gives you more leverage for greater power, making the lock easier to break.
Another option is to use a reciprocating Saw.
A reciprocating saw has a tough blade a bit like a jigsaw, and can be used to cut through the bolts on a lock. Using this type of saw generates a lot of heat, so always be sure to wear safety goggles before you attempt to cut the lock. This will prevent dust from the metal getting into your eyes.
If the lock is really tough you could use an angle grinder equipped with a diamond blade. These are relatively expensive specialist tools, but will definitely do the job. Angle grinders grind through the lock, but using this type of tool generates a lot of sparks, so you must protect your eyes with goggles before attempting to cut the lock. Using an angle grinder also creates a lot of noise, so only consider using this tool if the lock proves impossible to break with either a bolt cutter or a reciprocating saw.
Finally, if you still can’t break the lock, consider a cutting torch. Cutting torches can generate flames of up to 4000 degrees, so it’s wise to protect both your hands and face if you’re considering using this method to cut open your lock. Be aware of any fire risks. Wooden shed doors and other flammable materials can easily set alight.

If you are unsure, then you should call a locksmith professional.