Clinton Chose Miami For Presenting Her Pick For VP

It was at the Florida International University in Miami, close to Kendall, where Hillary Clinton chose to present her running mate, Virgina Sen. Tim Kaine. Sen. Kaine made his debut today, joining Ms. Clinton on stage in Miami. Miami was chosen as the best place to present Ms. Clinton’s running mate for many good reasons,… Continue reading Clinton Chose Miami For Presenting Her Pick For VP

Singing On A Prayer

You know that dream when you plan your wedding and you wish you can have someone really cool singing in it? Well, that came true in an unnamed couple’s wedding in South Florida last weekend. As it happens, one of the guests of the wedding was Jon Bon Jovi. BON JOVI. Now apparently, he said… Continue reading Singing On A Prayer

Florida Style 4th Of July

Hello Everyone! We hope you had a fabulous 4th of July! Personally, we are still full from all that food and we still are excited about all those fireworks. Man, yesterday was a good day. Anyways, it’s Tuesday and though a bit tired we are back at our offices in Miami,¬†Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Plantation… Continue reading Florida Style 4th Of July

Cheer Up Florida

It’s been a hard week for us in Florida. It started off with the killing of Christina Grimmie¬†right after a concert in Orlando. It moved to the horrific mass shooting in the Pulse club in Orlando, which all of us are still grieving for, and ended with the tragic alligator attack at the Disney World… Continue reading Cheer Up Florida

We Stand With Orlando

This is the time for our regular Tuesday morning post, but we cannot do it. This morning is about mourning. It’s so sad, it’s heartbreaking, and it happened in our own home state, Florida. Our hearts go out to the Orlando shooting victims and their families. We don’t know if this was a terror attack… Continue reading We Stand With Orlando