Why You Should Not Try to Pick a Lock Yourself

It happens to the best of us. You juggle the kids, the diaper bag, your purse, twist the lock on the door, and close it. Then realize you’ve locked your keys in the house. Not only can you not get back in, but your car keys are on the same ring and you can’t leave to go get help. You might be tempted to try to pick the lock yourself, or get a neighbor to help you.
This is a huge mistake. You should never try to pick a lock yourself. It is always best to call a locksmith for assistance. For most locked door knobs or deadbolts, it can be extremely difficult to pick the lock. You could spend hours trying to get in and have little or no success. If you have kids in tow, the longer it takes to get inside the worse the situation becomes.
Not only will you have trouble getting inside, you could damage the lock in the process. Even if you get inside, your lock could be damaged beyond repair. Your key may no longer work afterward, or the door may no longer be secure.
The most troubling thing about a damaged lock is that you may not know that it is damaged. If your key still works, you may just assume that you successfully picked the lock and got into your home. You were lucky, and now you can go about your business. But there could still be damage to the inner workings of the lock, damage you can’t see. Only a trained locksmith will be able to tell if the lock is still working well enough to be secure.
This damage makes your lock easy to pick by anyone who comes along. It puts your security and the security of your home in great jeopardy. If you have a weak lock it can be more easily picked or broken by someone wanting to gain access to your home.
For all of these reasons it is best to get a professional locksmith to open your locked door. A professional, trained and certified Boca Raton locksmith can gain access to your home without damaging the lock or making it weak. This maintains the integrity of the lock and keeps you, your family and your possessions safe.
If you or someone else has already picked your lock, you should have it replaced immediately. A locksmith Boca Raton FL can help you choose the right lock and get it installed properly. They can also help you understand what to do in case you get locked out again.
Don’t take chances with your security. Always get professional assistance with any lock, and you will have the peace of mind knowing that your family is safe.