Locksmith Tip of the Week!

Hey guys, Locksmith here.

We want to start a new series with you of weekly locksmith tips in order to make sure you are as protected as you should and can be.
Make sure to stay posted and refer back to this blog to gather your weekly tips 🙂

This week we want to talk about the importance of locking up your windows. I know this may seem like an obvious tip to you but, 80% of windows do not have nailed locks protecting from a breakin. Although many windows come with the manufactured lock system, a burglar can learn how the system of a certain lock works and develop a way to break in from the outside.

Therefore, we stress that you add an additional locking system onto all of your windows in order to provide extra protection incase of a breakin.

You can screw these lock attachments on yourself, or call a locksmith and we would be happy to help you out. If you are looking for a particular color lock to be able to match your existing window trim, do not fret as you should be able to do so.

Here is the tricky part, once you have got your locks installed, make sure to use them 🙂

We have seen instances where families will go the extra mile to add the additional protection onto their windows but then not use them. We do understand that it is an extra hassle to lock and unlock and extra piece of your window, yet we cannot express the importance! Plus if you already have it then why not use it!

Once again, should you have any questions as to how to lock up or install your window lock, make sure to contact us and we would be happy to help out!!

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Bye for now!