Just moved in? Don’t forget to change the locks

We asked our Miami Beach Locksmith when do customers should change their locks but not always do, here is his reply:

  1. When moving into a new office/home

    People are spending hundreds of thousands of Dollars to buy their home, renovate it and fill it up with their valuable belongings. However, while many people invest heavily in almost every corner of their house they forget the most important one for their security, locks. Why do they need new locks if they just bought a new house? Because other people has the key too including real estate agents, previous tenants and contractors who worked on the house.

  2. Divorce/break up

    divorce or break up are extremely tough on many people and may make them do foolish stuff. Don’t trust a partner with a broken heart, even if they gave you all their keys. The safest way is to change the locks or get it rekeyed.

  3. Upgrading your house security level

    Security companies like Medeco and Multilock provides high security locks that makes it extremely hard to break. Ask you local locksmith for available options and prices. If you located in South Florida call our office at 1(866) 374-4840