Mul-T-Lock® Top Products

Mul-T-Lock® products represent versatility and strength. As manufacturers of quality, innovative, high security products, Mul-T-Lock® is a name respected by locksmiths around the world. Although all of their products are rated by ANSI and the BHMA as some of the most secure on the market, we think the products below represent some of the best lock hardware that money can buy.

Break Secure XP

Break Secure XP is a new, top of the range, retrofit cylinder featuring numerous high security innovations for home protection. It is the first cylinder to achieve the new BSI Kite mark TS007 3* accreditation, without the need for high security handles, and is resistant to all forms of cylinder attack.

The Break Secure XP cylinder is engineered using high strength, robust materials, which under laboratory testing have proven to withstand prolonged drilling. Manufactured with interlocking cams, the cylinder surpasses other brands due to its greater degree of strength. Break Secure XP is designed to be grip resistant to thwart intruder attempts to wrench the lock with grips, and most impressive of all, the front section is designed to snap off if forced, leaving all your entrance points secured should any break in be attempted.
The Break Secure XP cylinder is truly one of the top performing cylinders on the market today.

Mul-T-Lock MT5+ Hercular® Double Cylinder Deadbolt

Reinforced in just about every way possible, this unique double cylinder deadbolt will stop almost any attempt at forced entry.
The patented MT5®+ range uses telescopic pin technology, meaning that the correct alignment of the top bar pins depends upon a unique combination key being inserted into the cylinder. The key includes additional security features, such as the patented mobile interacting spring (Alpha spring) which is located at the tip of the key. This engages a separate pin at the rear of the mechanism, in effect creating a double shear line.

All MT5+ products have a patented double-sided key which can only be duplicated by authorized dealers. The MT5+ key secure system requires a unique key authorization magnetic strip card which must be presented to the dealer before any additional keys can be supplied.

The Mul-T-Lock MT5+ Hercular® Double Cylinder Deadbolt is rated as a grade 1 locking mechanism by ANSI, and is the only product of its kind to include an adjustable backset.

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